The Seychelles Kestrel is an endemic falcon that lives only in the Seychelles Islands and is one of the symbols of the Seychelles.

Our company has been successfully operating for more than 10 years with a permanent presence in the Seychelles.
Our main specialization is the full range of work with Non-Seychellois investors, from assistance in purchasing real estate for them in the Seychelles, implementing projects, developing and supporting the businesses of foreign investors in the Seychelles.

1. Assistance in choosing real estate with the most extensive exclusive database of premium properties in the country, information and rights to sell which only our company owns, legal support for the acquisition of real estate for Non-Seychellois (Non-Seychelles citizens) in accordance with the current legislation of Seychelles;

2. Guarantees to protect the interests of investors, work with the government authorities of Seychelles in order to resolve and coordinate all related issues for the successful implementation of investors’ tasks:

- obtaining Sanctions (permits) from the government of Seychelles for the acquisition and registration of ownership of freehold real estate with the government authorities of Seychelles in the name of Non-Seychellois,

- approval of commercial projects with the best permitted parameters for the investor,
- construction support,

- bringing projects to high economic indicators of efficiency and profit in optimal terms;

- solving the entire range of related issues.

3. Full support of the business of foreign investors from start to finish, including:
- all government authorities,

- lawyers,

- notarization,

- government registration of the acquisition of commercial real estate for Non-Seychellois, obtaining the Sanction - the right to acquire property for Non-Seychellois,

- technical support: architects, engineers, construction companies, etc.

- banking services, financial management,

- control of all stages.

We invite foreign corporate and private investors and development companies to cooperate in doing business in the Seychelles to implement projects:

- Hotels of all categories;
- Eco-concepts and hotels on private islands;
- Residential complexes with the rights to rent and sell apartments and residential villas for Non-Seychellois (for Non-Seychelles citizens);
- Restaurants, casinos, yacht clubs, entertainment centers, etc.

We also provide a full range of legal consulting and business support services in the Seychelles for Non-Seychelles citizens:

- Opening specialized companies for investors for the acquisition and management of real estate, in accordance with the laws of Seychelles;

- Sale of ready-made companies with bank accounts and valid licenses;

- Approval of projects by the government with the support of the Seychelles Investment Board (SIB), obtaining a full package of permits;

- Pre-Project Approval in government authorities to coordinate the coincidence of the government’s vision for each specific site in accordance with the country’s general plan and the concepts of investors’ projects;

- Coordination with government authorities of permitted technical specifications for optimal implementation of projects, reducing the time required for approvals and approval of projects;

- Development of architectural and engineering documentation in accordance with the laws of Seychelles, support of the investor’s technical specialists for more accurate compliance of projects with Seychelles legislation and regulation, technical consulting;

- Opening bank accounts, legal support in preparing project financing;

- Organization of construction tenders among the best construction companies, legal support;

- Support of construction at all stages, including delivery of the facility to the State Commission;

- Obtaining licenses to conduct activities;

- Obtaining/extension of residence permits for investors and members of their families;

- Obtaining work permits and work visas for investor employees;

- Tax optimization, accounting, financial and management audit.

Our company has the best specialists in the country.
Our team effectively works with the government authorities of Seychelles.
Extensive experience, permanent presence in the Seychelles.

We invite foreign investors and developers for mutually beneficial cooperation!

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Our company actively cooperates with the Seychelles Investment Board

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Our company KESTREL INVESTMENT SEYCHELLES LTD owns a number of land plots with ready-made projects completed for each plot for the construction of Highly profitable Real Estate: Hotels, Casinos, Yacht Clubs, Restaurants, Luxury Villas, etc.

We offer you our Real Estate properties for purchase and investment for joint construction: