Our company has been successfully operating in the Seychelles for over 10 years and owns a number of unique plots with high investment potential.

We invite corporate and private investors, development companies to do business in the Seychelles: purchase of land plots with ready-made projects for construction, joint or independent development for the purpose of implementation or further management of facilities.

Seychelles Kestrel is an endemic falcon found only in the Seychelles. This freedom-loving and very rare, intelligent bird is one of the symbols of the country. Our company is named after this unique bird.

The values ​​of KESTREL INVESTMENT SEYCHELLES are: a responsible approach to business, respect for our partners and clients, competent, thoughtful and efficient development while preserving the unique nature of Seychelles.
Each of our projects is carried out strictly individually, taking into account all the features and the unique landscape of the sites, at the highest professional level.

Highly professional architects, designers, engineers, surveyors work in our company, our team has effectively built work with construction companies and government agencies.

We invite investors and developers for mutually beneficial cooperation!

Our company actively cooperates with the Seychelles Investment Board

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